gen•e•sis   n, :        "the origin or coming into being of something"
GENESIS Architectural Design, is a commercial
Architectural firm that provides Architectural, Planning,
Design Consultation, and Interior Design Services.  

GENESIS Architectural Design PLC, was established in
2004 in Des Moines, Iowa by Edward L. Matt, AIA. The
practice was created to provide design consultations and
custom architectural services to clients throughout the
state of Iowa.  

Edward Matt is an architect, licensed in the state of Iowa
and a member of American Institute of Architects. He
earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Iowa State

Our vision at GENESIS, is to provide an open studio
setting that fosters creativity during the design process.  
Our design team prides itself on incorporating architecture
into each and every project.  
GENESIS Architectural Design                939 Office Park Road Suite 101                 West Des Moines, Iowa 50265-2505                T:  515-440-1681